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In general, photo agency can earn tens, hundreds, and in many cases thousands of dollars a month by selling their photos or graphics from the comfort of home. The amount of earnings depends primarily on your efforts and determination to improve. Specifically photo agency Shutterstock is a subscription model through (the buyers are encouraged to download and what they currently do not need necessarily) unique and one of the most profitable. You can send not only photos but also bitmap and vector illustrations that are in high demand, so I would recommend selling mainly illustrations, especially those vector. Even if you decide to sell the photos, I recommend a minimum of 10 input images (see below) use illustrations. Avoid the very common reasons for rejection of images for technical defect such as noise, poor white balance, etc. For their creation can be used for commercial programs such as Adobe Illustrator (30-day trial), the non-commercial as Inkscape. As an example, real wages can be observed by the Logos, who boasted the forum Shutterstock earnings $351 for a single day. Registration and uploading photos is free, and therefore the worst thing that you can become a small wage. From personal experience I can say that the constant effort, your earnings tend to increase proportionally with time quantity uploaded pictures or illustrations, but mainly with their quality. It is important to realize that the images from photo agency are buying mainly used for professional designers for use in creating web designs, packaging of various products, etc.

Procedure for registration

To register click on the link below (then return to this page): Photo agency Shutterstock

The very bottom of the login form, click on "Not a Member? Sign Up to make $$$ now!", where you see the registration form. Here you fill in form fields woven from the top:

  • Full Name / first name and surname
  • Desired Display Name / choose a pseudonym (appears on photos)
  • Desired Username / select your username
  • Address / your address line 1
  • Address Line 2 / your address line 2 (if getting in the first line, otherwise leave blank)
  • City / town
  • State / state (example Canada)
  • Zip / postal code
  • Email Address / your email address
  • Phone Number / your phone number
  • Country / country (example Canada)
  • Payout Method / method of payment (where you want send earnings, recommend electronic wallet moneybookers)
  • Payout Email Address / email address for moneybookers (if different, otherwise leave blank)
  • Desired Password / choose a password
  • Enter Password Again / your password again
  • How Did You Hear About Us? / how did you hear about us (you can write "ref = 259384", which is my reference number)
  • Other Agencies / other agencies which sell photos (you can leave blank)
  • Once you submit the form you need to upload your ID (which can verify your identity, you will still send money and sometimes not enough). ID will serve as the most photographed and scanned the page of your passport where your photo. If you are afraid of abuse, you can also insert pictures into text to be "only for Shutterstock", but the data should remain legible. Ideal size is 800 x 600 pixels. Personally, I think that such a format photo bank has no reason to complicate your life misuse of personal data of their "suppliers". If you do not have a passport, you can use a citizen of or a driver license.

    After sending your ID to get to the rules for a member who must of course accept by clicking on Accept. Once confirmed, follow the rules for uploading, which inter alia says that you can only upload your creations etc. If you agree, click Accept.

    Now you have reached the main page of your account and now you have to wait until you will email that your ID has been approved. Once your account will be approved after you want to send exactly 10 sample photos or illustrations, if you approve at least 7 out of 10, you are admitted and can no longer send unlimited number of photos and illustrations. In these first 10 images, watch care and do not underestimate it, because if you approve of at least 7, and additional option with the other 10 pictures you have up to a month.

    Requirements for the uploaded vector illustrations

    Vector illustrations must be in EPS format, version 3 (Adobe Illustrator 8) up to 5 MB, and each illustration must also be uploaded in JPG thumbnail that has a long side 500 pixels and has the same name as an EPS file as example.eps and example.jpg

    Procedure for uploading illustrations

    The most comfortable uploading is via FTP client (another option is to upload directly through their web interface), where a server connection using, username and password as you use the same login into the statistics. As an FTP client, I can recommend eg Total Commander

    Once uploaded to each illustration EPS and JPG file, it will take a while before the images processed (in the FTP area files will gradually disappear) and appears in "Waiting to be submitted", which was then just add to each picture a short title, keywords (7 - 50 words, for the first 10 illustrations, I recommend choosing to have fewer but more relevant) and category (one based on content and illustrations, the second one is always illustration for Illustration). Of course everything must be in English. For the selection of words I use this handy helper.


    Inspired, but do not copy. I wish you luck and patience to further work and remember that no learning from the sky did not fall, and that patience brings roses.

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